A 9-year-old child with cataracts in both eyes

Presenting symptom

  • A 9-year-old child was referred to an eye doctor for decreased vision over several months
  • The eye doctor found a cataract in each eye

Questions and tests found additional problems

  • Child had suffered from diarrhea
  • Parents had also been informed that their child had a nonverbal learning disorder
  • Blood tests were suggestive of CTX

Early referral and the right care stopped CTX from getting worse

  • Cataract surgery fully corrected the child's vision
  • Patient was referred to specialists at Oregon Health and Sciences University and received the right care
  • 6 years later, patient had no new CTX symptoms
Unusual or unexplained symptoms similar to what this 9-year-old child experienced, especially when seen together, may signal early suspicion of CTX.

Know how to spot CTX

CTX can cause many symptoms, some occurring at the same time.

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